As libelinhas (dragonflies) são as mestras que nos ajudam a viajar entre estas dimensões e a abrirmo-nos a energias luminosas e sonhadoras como as dos elementais.

segunda-feira, 6 de junho de 2011

Fairies and other beings of Fairyland were always present in our lives; initially we could only feel their presence when looking to the sea, a beautiful walnut tree or listening to a stream. It was so tangible their existence that we had to start giving form to these flowing energies without even asking why. It was simply a need that became a vehicle to our artistic and personal expression...although sometimes we ask ourselves if it isn’t us who became a vehicle to their own artistic expression?!
 Sometimes Fairies actually tried to talk to us at night in their own Morse code, answering to our emotions and thoughts. Other times were the Brownies, the tricky ones, who revealed their presence by robbing things and changing their places (specially books), opening doors and switching lights on, or simply disrupting all the electric equipment if things were really serious! Spreading a little chaos seems to be their motto...
Guardians of the world of elemental beings, Faeries are not easily seen although we already saw their energy bodies once or twice trough the corner of our eyes in times in witch we needed something to keep our faith strong. Developing our second sight can bless us all with this parallel world we live in, and where some men see only empty fields some other can see hidden dances between circles of mushrooms.
Spontaneous manifestations of our relationship with Nature, these Faeries are the invisible that becomes visible through craftsmanship. Our work is based in the reutilization of materials, especially natural ones: roots, pieces of floating wood, seeds, fabric and paper, become beautiful forms to protect and give good energy to your houses and spaces. Like Brian Froud would say:
 “Let your heart connect with them and allow their light to expand your consciousness: in Fairyland there is no dogma, everything coexists and everything is in harmonic relationship, flowing, changing, transforming and renewing.”

2 comentários:

  1. Maravilhoso!!!! Lindo!!! Amo de paixão!!!!
    Para mim são sempre boas noticias quando não se deixa "morrer" o trabalho de um artista!!! Continua.... já sabes que eu amo!!!

  2. Lo mágico, lo espiritual, no ha muerto y nunca morirá, pues está ahí. Y siempre habrá personas que tengan la suerte de sentirlo, y la maestría de saber plasmar con una grandísima belleza lo que ello representa para nosotros.

    Seguid transmitiendo eso tan maravilloso que transmitís con vuestras obras.